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MC Capital Markets LLC. is uniquely positioned as the only direct market access provider that offers a comprehensive set of filtering, screening, and charting tools that allows traders to capture investment opportunities through real-time identification of market dislocations across the entire market. Also, traders with already determined market targets benefit from MC Capital Markets LLC. pre-trade analytics in determining best implementation and timing of their orders.


MC Capital Markets LLC. also provides a comprehensive list of companies listed on the Securities and Exchange Commission rated as "pretending to be real companies" that does nothing but to copy, imitate or mimic real existing firms to do their worst, MC Capital Markets LLC. also provides sincere advice and real time microscopic fact finding approach on its due diligence in each and every company that may seem to have a strange or a "to good to be true" offerings and claims, both services and their products as well as their credibility of existence...MC Capital Markets LLC. provides total protection against these so called "pretending to be real" organizations.


MC Capital Markets LLC. lets traders set basic real-time price, volume, and block size alerts on individual symbols. MC Capital Markets LLC. also provides a variety of custom alert criteria that traders may use to set percent change, moving average, fundamental data, and other types of alerts on individual symbols. In addition, MC Capital Markets LLC. lets traders assign order actions to basic and custom alerts, which allows traders to automatically create and send orders on symbols on which basic and custom alerts are triggered. Traders may choose whether or not to be notified via phone call ,fax or email once stock value or price increase is expected.


MC Capital Markets LLC. provides up-to-the-minute update on every price movements or significant events on companies or stocks the investors are engage with MC Capital Markets LLC. advanced charting and technical analysis together with its comprehensive filtering, news, alerts, and other impressive capabilities bring unsurpassed functionality and speed to professional traders who demand the most advanced trading technology available. Please contact our sales team to schedule a product presentation and find out how MC Capital Markets LLC. can improve your financial returns.


A disciplined planning process is what you need...MC Capital Markets LLC. is all you need