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MC Capital Markets LLC. is a fully registered, fully licensed securities and broker company operating under Securities Investor Protection Corporation and a member of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), MC Capital Markets LLC. is a global, full service investment banking and institutional securities firm that provides world-class investment banking, sales & trading services, research and asset management to a diverse range of corporate clients, institutional investors and high and medium net worth individuals. We are a stock market industry experts, specializing in small to medium companies that provide a low risk high yield returns on its investors.

As a firm, we strive to add value and create great opportunity in all that we do. Our creative, hands-on approach, combined with our wide-ranging individual broker experience, expertise and extensive relationships has distinguished us as one of the fastest growing securities company in new york. The Firm has an award-winning research practice, covering equity, high yield and convertible securities, as well as a growing asset management practice utilizing a variety of asset strategies. We have worked with hundreds of corporate clients and thousands of institutional and individual investors to make their business goals possible, wherever they do business.

We at MC Capital Markets LLC. believe that personalized and quality service is everything. creative analysis on each and every recommendation and critical understanding on the risk and the rewards of each and every opportunity that's comes along in the market, Is the sole key to achieve ones financial goal, who ever you may be .where ever you may be.


A disciplined planning process is what you need...MC Capital Markets LLC. is all you need