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MC Capital Markets LLC. works with an array of institutional investors ranging from international banks located in North America, the UK, Europe and Asia, to hedge funds and family offices in the US and overseas.

Our objective with institutional clients is to build an ongoing relationship with each investor so as to understand fully its investment parameters and needs. We do this so that, as we develop new projects with MC Capital Markets LLC. industrial/service provider clients and the related emerging market governments, we can tailor more efficiently the needed financing and investment to suit our investors’ requirements.

Through its contacts, agents and representations in many countries abroad and with its relationships among MC Capital Markets LLC. and service providers, MC Capital Markets LLC. originates and structures debt financings to support infrastructure projects critical to governments, both regional and central, of the developing world. The projects are most often in the areas of: industrial ; health and medical; road, rail and air transportation, telecommunications; waste management; heavy and specialized industries.

MC Capital Markets LLC. structured debt transactions are denominated mainly in US Dollars and Euros, though occasionally in local currencies as emerging market obligors and/or institutional investors request, and mutually agree.

Transaction sizes depends on the risk profile of the obligor/guarantor, the cash flows involved and the structure of the transaction itself.  Yields can be either fixed or floating and are based on the underlying risk of the obligors, the structure of the transactions themselves, and the existing market conditions at the time of placement.

MC Capital Markets LLC. has executed a standing Settlement Agreement with some of the largest banks in north america. As a result,North American Banks can effect all settlements between borrowers and funding/investing parties. Among other benefits, this structure ensures that there is no counterparty risk associated with MC Capital Markets LLC.. North American Banks will act as document custodian if desired by the funding/investing party.


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