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Trade Management

Trade Management System provide robust solutions.

Trade Management

In a trading environment where institutional traders, brokers, and hedge funds increasingly deal with high volume orders, often originating from multiple clients globally and worked by multiple traders,MC Capital Markets LLC. order management capabilities give portfolio managers the tools necessary to maximize their trading volume and minimize their order execution time without affecting market prices. MC Capital Markets LLC. Account window, Allocation and Bunching tool, and Trade Management System provide robust solutions for multiple order and account monitoring, dynamic collaborative trading, and order management and distribution.

Basket Trading

MC Capital Markets LLC. Basket trade allows traders to create target portfolios of stocks and then execute specific orders to achieve their target portfolios. Either before or after creating a target portfolio, an individual trader may ask assistance or advice from our top caliber broker on his current portfolio of stocks into a Basket trade and then utilize MC Capital Markets LLC. top brokers stock recommendation to create the target orders that must be executed for his target portfolio to be realized.
Traders have full control over their Basktrades or trading waves of multiple orders.

Account brokers

As traders complete and send orders in MC Capital Markets LLC. Order Entry form, MC Capital Markets LLC. Account BROKERS displays the real-time status of pending orders, maintains a current log of all positions, and updates current profit and loss. In addition, this trade related data can be monitored by both individual traders and portfolio managers overseeing multiple traders and individual investors.

Trade Management System

For firms with multiple traders who often work large orders, MC Capital Markets LLC. Trade Management System (TMS) gives portfolio managers a robust collaborative trading environment for organizing, monitoring, and dividing target orders across multiple traders. Over 35 real-time status indicators let managers and traders follow an order’s progress, including various quantity, price, ask, bid, volume, and time indicators.

Office Integration

MC Capital Markets LLC. tight integration among its trade management and order entry components saves traders tedious data entry time and minimizes the human error involved in collaborative trading. By linking trade and account data among its components and across multiple trade desks, MC Capital Markets LLC. makes it easy for traders and managers to exploit the full extent of their order entry, account management, and trade management capabilities in both individual and collaborative trading situations. Please contact our sales team to schedule a product presentation and find out how you can improve your financial trading performance.


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